At our facility we are able to accommodate all of your horses needs. We are currently offering 3 levels of board to keep from the princesses to the hardy horses happy! All levels of board have full access to everything we offer at our facility. 

Stall Board with Private Paddock turnout

Our stall board includes daily private turnout (pasture turnout is an option), all blanketing, hay 3 times daily and grain. Any suppliments need to be provided, there is no charge to add them to the feed, grain can be fed up to 2x daily. Stalls are 10'x 10' and Turnouts are 40'x 80' with a windbreak in each.

Paddock Board (picture to come soon)

Our paddock board includes hay 2x daily, each pen has its own shed and auto-waterer. The pens are 80'X 130' and have a max of 2 horses per pen. The pens are cleaned out 1-2x per year as needed.

Pasure Board

Our Pasture Board includes hay 2x daily. Mares and geldings are separated, there is 8-9 horses in each 10 acre pasture. Each pasture has 2 large shelters and an auto-waterer.

We are very open to helping your and your horse anyway we can! If you have any special requests just let us know we will be able to work out a program that is perfect for your horse. 


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